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One Truckee River is a collaboration of public and private partners working together to realize a Truckee River that flows clean and clear, quenches our thirst, sustains the river’s natural ecology, cultural resources and wildlife, and connects residents and visitors to unparalleled opportunities for recreation and regeneration.

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The Portland Loo comes to Reno
The Portland Loo comes to Reno
August 14, 2020
We are delighted to announce the ribbon cutting of the first new Portland Loo on August 17, 2020 at 9:00 am at Brodhead Park! Please come and join us to celebrate the Loo's opening.  ...
Guest Post: Aquatic Invertebrates
Guest Post: Aquatic Invertebrates
May 26, 2020
We're incredibly thankful to the folks at the Galena Creek Visitors Center for putting together these awesome resources for Truckee River Month! Make sure to check out their video on our...
Weekly Trail Highlight: Crystal Peak Park
Weekly Trail Highlight: Crystal Peak Park
May 25, 2020
Thanks to friends of OTR, Mike White and Mark Vollmer, we will be highlighting a Truckee River trail from their book “50 Best Strolls, Walks, and Hikes Around Reno” each week in May. Their

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Educator Guides
Educator Resource Guide We all live in the Truckee River Watershed. One Truckee River wants to crea...
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Community Watershed Knowledge Survey In January 2017, representatives from Keep Truckee Meadows Beau...
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Truckee River Amenities
Discover the different amenities available along the Truckee River, including art sculptures, restro...
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Truckee River Recreation
Check out recreation spots along the Truckee River in Reno and Sparks. Opportunities include fishing...
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Watershed Education Plan
The goal of this education plan is to outline potential watershed learning activities throughout the...
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