Truckee River Month, But Make It Digital

May has rolled around once again, and that means it is officially One Truckee River’s third annual Truckee River Month. This year is a little different from the previous two years’ celebrations. This year’s Truckee River Month is an entirely digital event.

The only physical components of Truckee River Month this year are the banner over California Ave, our signs along the Truckee River path, and, of course, the river itself. Have you seen any of these when you’ve been out and about lately? If you have, we’d love to know! Tag us on facebook and instagram and use the #TruckeeRiverMonth to share your pictures and stories.

Check them along the river. These ones are at Mayberry Park.

As for the online lineup for the month, we have a great variety of events and resources to share. We’re going to be highlighting the incredible local organizations and municipalities that make up the One Truckee River Partnership and sharing what they’re doing to keep the river healthy. We also have a series of virtual events, all related to the river, being hosted by some of the folks who had planned on participating with an in-person event prior to the crisis. Lastly, we’re going to be sharing a bucketful of educational resources about how to keep the river clean and guides on where some of our favorite places along the river are.

Do you know where this river shot is from?

Thank you so much for joining us digitally! We hope you have a wonderful Truckee River Month.