What does the Truckee River mean to YOU?

Listen, it’s not going to be shocking to you that One Truckee River is made up of people who love the Truckee River. Every inch of the 121-mile-long body of water is cherished by our stakeholders. We’ve sat through hundreds of meetings, each dedicated to benefiting our primary water source in some way. Heck, we created a management plan that lists over 100 action items that will help improve the river and its watershed.

But enough about us.

We’re here to talk about you. YOU, human being, staring at your computer or phone or tablet and wondering how you might be able to share a thing or two about what the Truckee River is to you. We’ve held photo and story contests, we’ve done hashtag campaigns, we’ve read your comments on social media…. Now we want the cold, hard truth:

What does your dream Truckee River look like?

What are the best riverside parks? What amenities do you love, and which ones do you want to see more of? If you could choose one priority to be focused on along the river, what would it be: updated facilities? More events? Increased park maintenance?

Tell your friends about this survey, tell your enemies, your family, your professors, your neighbors, everyone.

So: Do you love the Truckee River?

Well? Do you? Tell us how, tell us why, and tell us where along its banks you enjoy most the river most. The survey is below (or you can click this here link).

The results from this survey will be used to assist One Truckee River and Truckee Meadows Tomorrow in understanding the public’s priorities when it comes to the river. The cities and county parks departments are aware of this survey, but are not beholden to its results (though they will of course play an important role in reviewing the outcomes).