Truckee River Master Signage Plan

If you’ve spent time along the Truckee River, there are many things that might have caught your attention: the sound of water as it flows past; the birds chirping from the trees; the groups of people floating by on their inflatable tubes. And the hundreds of signs.

The Truckee River is absolutely one of Northern Nevada’s crown jewels. Not only does it supply us with a heavy majority of our region’s drinking water, it’s also a source of nature and recreation running through the middle of our home. Of course, we want to share information about the river — safety tips, distance markers, educational information, etc. But all of this information has yielded a ton of signs in our parks and along the river walkways. Some signs are big, others small; some colorful, others monotone; most of them just don’t look alike.


The multiple cities and counties the river runs through have made each portion of the river their own, but as One Truckee River, we’re here to unite people along the same portion, theĀ entire portion of the river.

In the One Truckee River Management Plan, action item 2.2.b states, “Complete a multi-jurisdictional signage plan, including standards for maps, directions, rules, stewardship and interpretive signs.” Thanks to funding from the Truckee River Fund and Washoe County State Question 1, we finally have funding to do just that: a uniform signage plan along the Truckee River + funding to create and install such signage. (For now the signage will only be installed within phase one, from Mayberry Park in Reno to Vista or Sparks Boulevard in Sparks.)

After an in-depth interview process, representatives from the cities of Reno and Sparks, Washoe County, and One Truckee River selected Alta Planning + Design to oversee the creation of a Truckee River Master Signage Plan. Over the next five to six months, Alta will be working closely with our stakeholders (specifically our 2018 River Safety and Signage Plan team) to discuss what this signage plan might look like.

Alta has an impressive resume of similar plans, and we’re excited to work together.

As the planning continues, we will provide updates on social media and here, on the website. Stay tuned!