Tabling at Truckee River Day

Truckee River Day officially originated in 1996, after a few committed locals planned and implemented a cleanup event to address the decline of the Truckee River in and around Truckee using a few hundred volunteers. From there, the Truckee River Watershed Council (TRWC) was formed and grew into organization that has mobilized over 472,000 volunteers and raised $11.5 million in funding for more than 50 large-scaled and numerous smaller-scaled restoration projects.

Working on the watershed level, this a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that strives to revive the Truckee River watershed.  FORIVER is what sums up their beliefs. Working together in the community, the focus is on reviving the watershed because that is what feeds the river. TRWC believes in working to make the river resilient and vibrant so nature and humanity can thrive here forever.

Their multi-faceted approach combines science, management, funding and education. There are multiple ways for individual and communities can be involved. River Talks help to increase the awareness and knowledge of the issues in the watershed. For a fully immersed experience, Adopt A Stream provides an opportunity for volunteers to become watershed scientists, sampling the river water and some of the inhabitants.  By practicing River Friendly Landscaping, those in the community can do their part at home, on their own property.  TRWC provides loads of information and resources, and there are rebates that could help cover some of the costs.  Donations are always accepted to help promote watershed protection provided by this organization.

Finally, the annual fall Truckee River Day and Fair provides an opportunity to join hundreds of other volunteers to be part of what started it all – meadow, lake, river restoration at the watershed level by people in the community. We had the opportunity to table at the 2017 Truckee River Day. This was our first opportunity to work with the TRWC, and one of our first times mixing with Truckee River folks in California. We had a blast!