Rafting with Rivers for Change


Last Friday we joined Rivers for Change on the Truckee River in rafts and kayaks and SUP boards. From Lockwood to USA Parkway, our One Truckee River AmeriCorps braved the Truckee River rapids alongside student ambassadors (age 8-13) and professional river recreators.

For lunch, the group stopped at the McCarran Ranch Preserve and we got to share what the One Truckee River Management Plan is all about, and ways people can help keep the river healthy in an urban environment. We had a blast!

While we partied with the crew just Friday, the students and some of the pros had been sailing the river since June 2, from the Upper Truckee River in South Lake Tahoe alllll the way to Wadsworth, and then biked from Nixon to Pyramid Lake along the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway. Everyone who participated was amazing! See the pictures below: