The Second Round

Almost a month ago we posted about our survey results thus far. Since then, we’ve had more responses, and we thought we might share some of the “other” answers as well.

(Psst, if you haven’t taken our survey yet, please go right ahead!)

  1. Why do you love the Truckee River? Check as many as apply.
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  2. How often do you go to the Truckee River?
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  3. In your opinion, what are the top three issues facing the Truckee River? Please check three options.
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Let’s go even further. Below are some comments from those who filled out the “other” category. (The thoughts and opinions expressed below are those of the survey taker, and do not reflect the views of One Truckee River.)

  • Close it this season TO ALL FISHING, recover the browns and the rainbow trout, put diploid trout in, the LCTs cannot survey the Truckee any longer, Creel surveys prove that the return rate (or survivability) is 1% for LCTs (after MILLIONS of dollars have been spent) in the Truckee. We are a modern society and must admit when an animals’ habitat is no longer viable for them. The LCTs do not grow, or thrive in the Truckee any longer, the Browns and the Rainbow’s do.
  • The river is a valuable resource in the area, many people that come to Truckee visit the river and the events that are there. We should all do what we can to foster this resource for the community.
  • Ban alcohol while on river like Boise. Rafters are trashing the river.
  • Good job on putting together a foundation for a great organization. I am pleased to see the formation of a group focused on the Truckee River. I am interested in learning about ways to get involved in the One Truckee River group.
  • If one bridge is being replaced, because of flooding debris hanging up, won’t the other two bridges in town face the same trouble?!
  • It is very important to preserve it just the way it is.
  • Would be nice to see Reno take better advantage of the river corridor in the heart of downtown. After visiting San Antonio last fall, the Truckee River could be a real visitor destination that compliments the casino, tourist and convention industry already well established. Upscale shopping and restaurant district along the river should be incorporated with flood prevention. Reno needs to think bigger than this. Should have just removed the South Virginia bridge and replace it only to accommodate pedestrian traffic.
  • Pressure California Water Board to stop sending us Eurasian Milfoil.
  • The role of the river as a center piece of the Truckee Meadows, increasingly the only habitat for many species of wildlife, and as a connector from east to west is being overlooked.
  • I think that funding for sustaining and restoring the river ecosystem (including the Carson/Walker systems, too) should be a priority.
  • Thank you for caring for the river!
  • I’m very concerned about the future encroachment of development on the Truckee Floodplain. Obviously, most of Reno sits right on it, but we should maintain the open areas (such as UNR farm) to give the flood water somewhere to go.
  • It would be expensive and a political disaster, but I would like to see a functioning flood plain along the entire river devoid of development.
  • I’d like for the Truckee to be a healthy ecosystem for the natural flora and fauna that depend on it. I really enjoy the bike trails installed along the river. I avoid the Truckee downtown due to how it attracts derelicts and the unsound of mind.
  • Pray for snow this year. I just drove past the Truckee River at Alpine Meadows — it is almost non-existent.
  • Like the large purchase of land along Mill St. to protect it from development and allow for flooding, money obviously needs to be spent on a conservation easement or fee title purchase of the UNR Farm to protect it for the same reason.
  • More signage to keep tourists from leaving so much garbage in and around the river.
  • Especially with all that has been done the last decade, the Truckee River has become the heart of downtown Reno. I love, enjoy and need its beauty, strength and vitality.
  • The Truckee River east of downtown Reno is nothing but one big homeless camp with the river serving as a sewer and solid waste dump after every flood event as well as by direct disposal by the inhabitants, winds and rains. Fed and State regs are violated every day. Most landfills look cleaner and more sanitary than many locations along the river. Further, due to the graffiti and the appearance of the folks you see along the river banks and in the bushes, most tourists avoid the area for safety reasons. It is disgraceful that the Cities of Reno and Sparks have ignored the situation and has allowed this beautiful river to fall to such a state!
  • Please protect the Truckee River and its ecosystem from the developers and poor planners in the city. I.e. the kayak park that was hoodwinked through by the lobbyist AWA which was supposed to bring millions of dollars to the city when in FACT all it did was warm the water up in Sparks. Talk about poor planning and management, what a travesty.
  • The Truckee River is the jewel of downtown Reno, and just needs a little spit and polish to make it shine.
  • Rowdy teens that hang out at the circle area next to Java Jungle that make it unpleasant for families and tourists, they see that and think Reno does not care about the issues those teenagers cause, IE: Running into people because they want to, harassing people for money and food, drugs and alcohol, their language, and not letting people have access to the river via the stairway to the river..
  • I personally have no sympathy for the illegal camping along the Truckee River. What eventually ends up happening is the camp is abandoned and all the trash that has accumulated remains. There is no such thing as LNT ethics with the drug addicts in these camps. I wouldn’t really call them homeless as they have chosen to be out here to use drugs. Lots of broken glass, rocks, needles, dogs off leash are all associated with the illegal camping along the path. The path is a gift to our community and unfortunately a vast portion of it here in Reno is over run with camps, trash and needles. It starts near the Reno Aces baseball stadium and goes to about Rock Creek Park before the camping dies down. It is obvious the city of Sparks no longer tolerates it out there. I am baffled as to why it is tolerated in Reno. Unfortunately cleanups focusing on just the river aren’t the main issue in my opinion. The path and the camps need to be cleaned monthly based on the volume of trash I am seeing. Between now and September it appears the only way I may get involved is to volunteer for needle cleanup with HOPES.
  • Regional Transportation Commission intentionally returning carp and crawfish into the river tributaries…
  • Reliance on the Truckee River for recreation, water, homeless population will probably increase. Preserving natural resources trees, willows, wildlife will be difficult.