River Tour, Champion Park to Aces Stadium

One day prior to the kick-off meeting, the core staff of the One Truckee River Management Plan participated in a river tour led by Pat Kleames, a City of Reno volunteer ranger.

Christi Cakiroglu (KTMB), Lynda Nelson (NLT), Barbara Rice (NPS) and Alex Hoeft (environmental steward with all three organizations) met up with Pat at John Champion Park in Reno, Nev. to see the current state of a portion of the Truckee River. The group didn’t take the main biking and walking path on the south side of the river, and instead mostly walked along the northern edge to get a good view of homeless camps.

Along the way, Pat, Christi, Lynda, Barbara and Alex came across many camps, plenty of litter and trash, pit bulls being held back by their owner, and a City of Reno policeman biking the path around the river.

The slideshow below shows what the group encountered. All photos were taken by Lynda Nelson.