Sheila Leslie Washoe County (captain)
Rene Biondo 2nd Judicial District Court — Mental Health Court
Sharon Chamberlain Northern NV HOPES
Kelly Marschall Social Entrepreneurs
Anne Schiller Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada
Anna Strub Washoe County Social Services — Adult Services
Shawn Marston Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputy
Travis Warren MOST Team, Reno Police Department
Alex Woodley City of Reno Code
Tom Bostelman Nevada Highway Patrol
Mike Steedman Business Owner
Elaine Wiseman City of Reno Community Development — Housing
Tony Ramirez Department of Housing and Urban Development
Amy Jones Reno Housing Authority
Ken Krater Operation Downtown
Kitty Jung Washoe County Commissioner
Nick Tscheekar Community Foundation of Western Nevada



Celeste Tinajero Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful
Heidi Anderson Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation (co-captain)
Sean Hill Sierra Nevada Journeys
Tricia Dutcher Nevada Department of Wildlife
Karinn Kelley-Bateman REI
Kim Mazeres Truckee Meadows Water Authority
Mary Kay Wagner Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Martin Swinehart The Nature Conservancy
Kim Daniel Urban Roots
Michelle Hunt Fish & Wildlife Services
Kelly Cannon Washoe County School District
Veronica Frenkel Washoe County School District
Sarah Gobbs-Hill Discovery Museum
Meghan Schiedel Discovery Museum
Joseph Hill Incline Village GID
Eaton Dunkelberger Sierra Nevada Journeys
Brian Beffort Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful
Patty Moen NV Recycles
Dean DiGidio REI
Brian Fitzgerald Desert Research Institute
Kelsey Fitzgerald Truckee River Guide
Fayth Ross Urban Roots
Denise Evans Washoe County Parks
Sue Jacox Great Basin Outdoor School
Gwen Bourne Great Basin Outdoor School
Mackenzie Peterson Desert Research Institute Green Power
Craig Rosen Desert Research Institute Green Power
Kelly Barber Washoe County School District
Brian Cairns NASA

Water Quality

John Enloe Truckee Meadows Water Authority (captain)
Birgit Henson Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (co-captain)
Lynell Garfield
Randy Pahl Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Jean Stone Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Bill Isaeff “Bill I The Water Guy”
Jeff Curtis Stantec
Eric Marchand University of Nevada, Reno
Michael Drinkwater Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility
Kim Borgzinner Nevada Division of Enviromental Protection
Brian Fitzgerald Desert Research Institute

Sustainable Funding

Gabrielle Enfield Washoe County Manager’s Office (captain)
John Sherman Consultant
Kathy Clewett City of Sparks (co-captain)
Karen Mullen Nevada Land Trust Board
Rosemarie Entsminger Washoe County
Dian Vanderwell KTMB
Connie Lucido State Funding
Deidre Kennelly KTMB
Chris Askin Community Foundation of WN
Jennifer Satre
Michael Pennington
Robert Mergell Deputy administrator State Parks
Susan Lynn Truckee River Fund advisor
Brian Bonnenfant University of Nevada, Reno (Small Business Development Center)/NLT Board
Naomi Duerr Reno City Councilmember
Eddy Quaglieri NV Division of Water Resources
Tina Nappe Nevada Land Trust Board


Danielle Henderson Truckee River Flood Project (captain)
Peter Gower EMPS/KTMB (co-captain)
Lisa Wallace Truckee River Watershed Council
Marlene Olsen Good Standing
Craig Schriber Truckee River Foundation
Bill Von Phul Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway
Karen Ross NLT/NV Energy
Jeff Patterson Washoe County Parks
Kim Jardine Patagonia
Amy Cummings Truckee Meadows Tomorrow
Chris Katopothis Nevada Forestry
Aaron Park US Army COE
Roberta Ross
Paul Fuselier Bureau of Land Management
Mike Steedman Business Owner
Pam Bedard City of Reno


Mickey Hazelwood The Nature Conservancy (captain)
Kelsey McCutcheon Truckee River Guide (co-captain)
Jen Ballard Great Basin Bird Observatory
Jamie Abbott Nevada Department of Agriculture
Tina Nappe Nevada Land Trust Board
Mary Peacock University of Nevada, Reno
Dennis Ghiglieri Truckee River Yacht Club
Mike Steedman Business Owner
Travis Hawks NDOW
Rose Strickland Truckee River Yacht Club
Paul Fuselier Bureau of Land Management
Ryan Sharrer Nevada Division of Forestry
Kim Tisdale Nevada Department of Wildlife

Public Safety

David Bobzien Reno City Council
Luke Franklin Washoe County Health District (co-captain)
Sgt. Wade Clark Reno Police Department
Sgt. Donny Player City of Sparks Police Department
Brian Sooudi City Attorneys Office
Undersheriff John Spencer WCSO
Lt. Greta Woyciehowski Sparks Police Department
Andy Brown Washoe County Park Ranger
Brooke Howard WCSO
Thomas Robinson RPD Deputy Chief
Pat Kleames Volunteer River Ranger
Vince Griffith Reno Engineering
Paul Miller TMWA
Fred Boyd
Mike Steedman Business Owner
Scott Shaw Reno Police Department
Mike Sherak Washoe County Sherriff’s Office


Cheryl Surface Washoe County Parks (captain)
Bodie Monroe Trout Unlimited (co-captain)
Dan Rockwell Soil Tech
Steve Fine KTMB Board
Kevin Dose Great Basin Institute
Charles Albright Sierra whitewater club
Chris Vasey Nevada Department of Wildlife
Janet Phillips Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway
Tracy Domingues City of Sparks Parks & Recreation
Andy Bass Director of Parks, Rec & Community Services
Randy Collins College Cyclery
Aaron Keller NDOW
Betsy Clark Fly fisher
Doug Ouellette Truckee River Fly Fishing

Quality of Life

Tim Ruffin Colliers International
Beth Macmillan Artown
Christine Fey City of Reno Parks & Rec
Scott Nebesky Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
Michon Eben Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
Amanda  Horn Nevada Museum of Art
Mike Williams Basin Street Properties
Bernie Carter
Donna  Noel Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Jennifer Cunningham RSCVA
Roberta Ross
Kelly Goodman Wells Fargo — Community Outreach
Deann McKay State Land Agent III
Chris Anderson Waste Management