Guest Post: A Look Ahead to Bike Month

Brought to you by the Reno Bike Project

Since group riding is currently discouraged, we wanted to encourage you to try some new rides on your own and look forward to the joyous events of Bike Month 2020, which will take place in September. 

RBP Bike Month Events:

  • Pancake Feed & Bike to Work Day 
  • CycloFemme: Ride & resources for women, girls, non-binary, and transgender cyclists

A Closer Look: 
CycloFemme: RIDE Together. RISE Together.

Reno CycloFemme is a half-day event that helps break down barriers that women, girls, transgender, and non-binary people face in cycling. We accomplish this by providing discounted & sponsored bike rentals, free safety checks, three rides of different lengths for all levels of skill & fitness, ride support, and an after party that celebrates our amazing community of FTW cyclists, advocates, and organizations.

We would love for FTW (femme, trans, women) and girls to join us for this ride so that we can increase diversity and visibility in our local cycling community. We also welcome men that support and advocate for diversity and gender equality.

To get you excited for CycloFemme, we want to share our routes in the hopes that you will be inspired to try out a new ride or work up to joining us for one of these three rides in September:
2 Mile Route
10 Mile Route
21 Mile Route

In honor of Truckee River Month this May, we would like to highlight a fun and easy ride on the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail, which follows the Truckee River. During Cyclofemme, one group will ride on this stretch of trail downtown and end at the Patagonia outlet for the after-party. This ride is great for beginners, families, and anyone who wants a relaxing ride! We hope you take a ride along the river this month and take a moment to appreciate the plants, wildlife, rocks, and water of the Truckee River.

We have a lot to be grateful for! Happy Riding!