Become a One Truckee River AmeriCorps Member!

We want YOU to work with us!

That’s right, hiring season for our next AmeriCorps members is underway. We’ve had the best folks with us in the past, but it’s now time for a new generation!

To answer your inevitable question about what the heck is an AmeriCorps, check out the video below:

Our past AmeriCorps have done wonders for OTR, including planning One Truckee River Month, mapping amenities along the Truckee River, creating watershed education plans, and much more! Check out this blog post for past accomplishments.

Position Description:

The One Truckee River Education and Outreach Coordinator, an AmeriCorps member, will be an essential member of the OTR team. The member will organize and attend outreach events in the community that highlight the mission of One Truckee River. This will include participating in the revitalization of Brodhead Park in Reno, and the first phase of OTR’s River Restroom project, which is installing a public restroom adjacent to the park. The AmeriCorps member will engage with the surrounding community to encourage positive use of Brodhead Park through events and activities, as well as river care and education in the community. The AmeriCorps member will also work to expand OTR’s presence in the community, inviting members to become active supporters of the initiative. Frequent weekend work may be required. This person will work to foster engagement and maintain relationships with current stakeholders and seek partnerships with new stakeholders. This position will require 40 hours of service per week, with Federal/State holidays off, and 2 weeks’ vacation.

This is a service position with a modest living allowance of $13,992 per year. There is also an education allowance of $6,095, paid at the end of the service period. A relocation travel allowance may also apply if you are moving. The position will begin on September 9th, 2019 and end on August 14th, 2020. We do require that the successful applicant be available to work for the whole period. Please take a look at the AmeriCorps website for more general information about the program.

Apply here for an Educator/Outreach AmeriCorps position with One Truckee River!