Election Day: Share Your Voice

November 6 is an important day this year. As many radio, TV, and social media ads may have told you, the 2018 election is taking place. Regardless of your race, gender, education level, job, etc., it is an incredible opportunity to cast your vote based on who/what you believe to be correct and fair. We encourage you to look up your voting location here and cast your vote on Election Day!

Where We Stand:

One Truckee River is a partnership made up of over 130 stakeholders banding together to protect, celebrate and promote the Truckee River. Our stakeholders are representatives of local businesses, agencies, organizations or private citizens, and there are many varying opinions among them. One thing our stakeholders agree on, however, is our One Truckee River Management Plan. As a partnership, we participate in legislature that directly affects our proposed 100+ action items.

Action item 1.6.a in our management plan states, “Incorporate key elements of the Flood Project in the One Truckee River Plan to preserve and expand the river corridor.” We have worked closely with Flood Project staff to incorporate elements already in place under the project and will continue to do so.

Washoe County Question 1 is a question on this year’s ballot and asks the following: “Shall Washoe County be authorized to levy an additional property tax rate for the purpose of paying for the cost of designing, acquiring, constructing, improving and equipping a flood protection project by the Truckee River Flood Management Authority for the Truckee River in the amount of $0.0248 per $100 of assess valuation and for the Truckee River Flood Management Authority to issue up to $89,000,000 of general obligation bonds for those purposes?”

Whether this question passes or not, One Truckee River will continue to incorporate into our management plan the Flood Project’s key elements. That being said, we are not taking a stance on Washoe County Question 1 as a whole, though some of our stakeholders’ agencies/organizations may take a stance. Instead, we promote sharing information about this question and all ballot questions.

Below are some questions registered voters may have in advance of November 6. We provided links to the answers.

  • Where do I vote? Enter your voter information here and your registration info, voting history, voting location, and more will be provided.

  • Who is running for office in Nevada? The offices up for election in 2018 are listed here in the order of ballot appearance.

  • What are the candidates’ backgrounds? Find out who’s running for each office as well as background here.

  • What are the ballot questions for Nevada? The ballot questions are listed here. (Take a look at the booklet linked at the top!)

  • Do any questions affect the Truckee River? Yes! One Truckee River is not taking a partnership stance, be we encourage education of what is proposed. Check out Washoe County Question 1 here.