Truckee River Watershed: Alum Creek

Alum Creek is an extremely pretty creek to follow if you’re in the mood for a walk. The creek flows through west Reno through the Caughlin Ranch area and enters the Truckee River just west of Crissie Caughlin Park.

A footpath can be found next to a majority of the creek, and thanks to Steamboat Ditch flows diverting into Alum Creek at five different points, the creek flows almost year-round.

The greenbelt on Caughlin Parkway just west of the Plumb/McCarran intersection has multiple ponds to wander around.

Icy pond within the greenbelt off Caughlin Parkway.

As the City of Reno states it in a Truckee River Watershed guide, there are opportunities for revegetation along Alum Creek, particularly right before entering the Truckee River (pictured below).

Alum Creek entering the Truckee River just west of Crissie Caughlin Park.

Wildlife along Alum Creek includes black bear*, bobcat, coyote, red fox, raccoon, striped skunk, and mountain beaver. Birds include bald eagle, golden eagle, redtail hawk, osprey, and nuthatch. During a drought or wildfire, animals may come down from the upper watershed and within urban areas.

*Many signs are posted in the River Run Parkway neighborhood about safety with bears. If people leave their food and garbage easily accessible, bears drift closer to people and lose their natural fear of humans.

Hmmm… raccoon footprints? (Plus dog and human prints!)

As always, visit this City of Reno link for more information about the Truckee River Watershed!