Truckee River Watershed: Dry Creek

We promise we won’t make any cliche jokes about how Dry Creek isn’t very dry right now……….

Dry Creek is a tributary of the Truckee River that starts in the Southwest Reno area (Lakeside/Holcomb Ranch), shimmies northeasterly past the airport and into Boynton Slough, where it joins Steamboat Creek on its road to the Truckee River.

Below are shots of Boynton Slough, which is fed by Dry Creek.

(Thank you to the Canada geese for modeling for us.)

The following plants, among others, are common along Dry Creek: Incense cedar, Jeffrey Pine, red and white fir, Pinyon pine, juniper, willows, Native rose, Russian olive, elm, and cattails.

Wildlife found is similar across the entire watershed, and includes:  black bear, bobcat, red fox, rattlesnake, bald eagle, golden eagle, barn owl, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, pacific chorus frog, and monarch butterfly.

The below pictures were taken off Sierra Center Parkway:

Its very own sign!
A close-up, featuring some snow.
Looking to Mount Rose in the distance.