First mile marker installed on Truckee River

Yesterday we had a little shindig at Fisherman’s Park on the Truckee River, installing the first mile marker on the Truckee River.

These mile markers came at the perfect time: What with the powerful flows of the river and the local fire departments warning folks to stay extra safe around the river this spring, the markers will now serve as emergency locations. A specific number is displayed on each marker, to be relayed to the 911 operator in an emergency situation.

Additionally, the recreating public can use the markers as location guidance. The markers will be installed every tenth of a mile, according to river miles, with “mile zero” being at Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City.


The creation and installation of the mile markers is a collaborative effort between One Truckee River and the Reno and Sparks fire departments, specifically the Water Entry Teams. We’d like to give huge shout-outs to Manny Souza with the Sparks Fire Department and Eric Lieberman with the Reno Fire Department for their help in this entire process.

We placed marker 574 (mile 57.4) first because it was the spot closed to the boundary line between Reno and Sparks. Council members Donald Abbott (Sparks), David Bobzien (Reno), Charlene Bybee (Sparks), Naomi Duerr (Reno), and Paul McKenzie (Reno) were present for the installation — thanks to Councilmember McKenzie for doing the actual installation!

Initially, the markers will be placed along the river path throughout Reno and Sparks, and will eventually run along the entire Truckee River.

Installation of these mile markers fulfills a first-year action item listed in the One Truckee River Management Plan.

Between May 1 and May 12, we will be installing the markers in Reno in time for the River Fest on May 13-14. Volunteers are needed! Please email for more details.