Steps Forward

Holidays are always a difficult time to schedule anything, what with the holidays and everything going on. Luckily, we were able to hold a meeting with our Core Planning Team on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

This was the first meeting since our Sept. 30 stakeholder meeting, and boy, was it a busy one.

First things first: we have chosen a team to put together our official One Truckee River Management Plan! Introducing CFA, Inc., as well as other contractors, who were introduced to the Core Planning Team during last Wednesday’s meeting.

  • Angela Fuss, CFA: project manager/mapping/lead author
  • Dan Kovach, CFA: recreation planning/public safety
  • Jeff Brunnings, OnStrategy: public facilitation
  • Fred Steinmann, UNR: funding mechanisms
  • Dick Bartholet, UNR: homeless population
  • Jeremy Drew, RCI: technical review
  • Lynn Zonge, RCI: technical review


After the usual round-the-table introductions, the CPT meeting began with a quick recap of the stakeholder forum. Lynda Nelson shared the answers from a survey sent out immediately following the event.

Barbara Rice then talked about the forum summary notes, which had been handed out at the beginning of the meeting. A couple of CPT members discussed what should come next. Was there enough time at the forum for the teams? Not really, said the captains who were present (5/9).

Next up, the consultants’ introductions. Tim Ruffin introduced the team and how it was chosen, and then turned the time over to Angela Fuss, project leader, who shared how excited and determined she and her team were. Each team member followed with his or her own introduction.

Jeff Brunnings, one of the consultants with OnStrategy, then shared his early stage thinking for the next couple of months. His presentation turned into a discussion between the CPT members.

The attendees talked about what should happen immediately: Should all who attended the forum receive a summation of the notes? Should each team be required to meet again? Are all teams at the same place post-forum?

Sequencing was a rather large bullet point mentioned in the back-and-forth. Yes, all issues are important, everyone agreed, but some need to be addressed sooner than others.

Once the discussion subsided, Alex Hoeft brought everyone up to date on the communications side of the the initiative. She shared the Virtual Reality Truckee River tour, as well as stories for each issue she is currently working on.

Then it was Christi Cakiroglu’s turn to discuss media. CPT members chatted about different possibilities for sharing with local media and population about the initiative. One of the top ideas was mentioned by Danielle Henderson, who suggested a New Year’s Resolution call-to-action.

Partner announcements were the last item on the agenda. A couple members updated the others on what was going on around the Truckee River.

  • Mickey Hazelwood mentioned a Last Oasis documentary at UNR that night.
  • Jeff Mann told everyone about the river cleanup crew through the City of Reno.

The meeting closed at 1:14 p.m.

(Psst, full minutes can be found here.)