Other Rivers: River Walk District

“After visiting San Antonio last fall, the Truckee River could be a real visitor destination that compliments the casino, tourist and convention industr(ies) already well established. Upscale shopping and (a) restaurant district along the river should be incorporated with flood prevention.”

A lot of people are taking our survey. And in addition to choosing different options, many have taken to writing why they care for the Truckee River and how it can be improved. The above anonymous comment was provided by a survey-taker.

So we turned to the San Antonio River Walk District in Texas.

Google Map shot of area around the river walk.
Google Map shot of area around the river walk.

Between river boat cruises ($8.25 max!), museums, shops, restaurants and the Alamo (!) all located along or within a couple blocks of the river, the San Antonio River Walk is quite the tourist destination. Check out the full directory here.

Do you think downtown Reno along the Truckee should aim to become like San Antonio’s River Walk? How do you think that can happen? (Please comment below!)

Cover photo courtesy Stuart Seeger.